Academic excellence is a milestone earned through dedication and determination. From #DAPMRVDC we congratulate Dr. Supriya Poal for attaining the highest marks and winning a gold medal in MDS, Community Dentistry and wish her the best for her future endevaours.  

Congratulations to the following NEET-PG achievers of 2020 for securing postgraduate seats in their respective fields :
  • Vignesh K
  • Shivani PS
  • Neethu Ajith
  • Sreepriya G
  • Geethu Philo Varghese
  • Niffin Joseph
  • Krutika Menon
  • Maitreyi J Desai
  • Karuna R Siraparappu
  • Pallavi Goel
  • Shanmathi Vinodh
  • Vikramanka S
  • Anupama M
  • Vashisht Mysore Dinesh
  • Shivani Chauhan

Aparna Suraj. N was awarded second prize for the paper titled “Management of endo-perio lesion due to long standing trauma from occlusion: a multidisciplinary approach”, presented at the7th ISP MSG virtual convention 2021, held on 31st July 2021.

Tushar Udayakumar N, was awarded first prize for the paper titled “Comparative evaluation of platelet-rich fibrin and 70% beta tri-calcium phosphate +30% hydroxyapatite alloplastic bone graft for the treatment of infrabony defects in chronic periodontitis: A clinical and radiographic study.”, presented at the 7th ISP MSG virtual convention 2021, held on 31st July 2021.