The Research Sustenance & Institutional Review Board Committee constantly encourages research activities among both faculty and students. Research is in the form of short-term & long-term research projects, funded research, main dissertations and thesis. UG research is an institutional distinctiveness. These research projects are translated into publications and presentations. Many presentations have won awards at state, national and international levels.

Funding for research activities is allocated in the annual research budget as a part of internal funding, while external grants from apex bodies are also facilitated. Research collaborations have been established with reputed research centers to widen the areas of research.

The Institutional Review Board oversees all the research activities of the institution and takes responsibility for ethical clearance. “Research culture” is promoted through financial and infrastructural support.



Dr. Harikiran A.G – Committee head

Dr. Nagesh KS – Chairperson

Adv. Raghu Prasad BS – Legal Expert

Prof Anjina Reddy – Legal Expert

Prof Pauline Edwin – Social Scientist

Prof Srimathi – Social Scientist

Mr Anand – Lay Person

Mr Prakash – Lay Person

Dr Bhagyalakshmi G – Basic Medical Scientist

Dr Bharathi MB – Basic Medical Scientist

Dr Ananathraj – Clinician, Prof & Head, Dept of Pedodontics

Dr Kalavathy N – Clinician, Prof & Head, Dept of Prosthodontics

Dr Suchetha – Clinician, Prof & Head, Dept of Periodontics

Dr Veerendra Kumar B – Clinician, Prof & Head, Dept of Oral Pathology

Dr Keshava Prasad BS – Clinician, Prof & Head, Dept of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

Dr Prashanth – Clinician, Prof & Head, Dept of Orthodontics

Dr Seema Patil – Clinician, Prof & Head, Dept of Oral Medicine & Radiology

Dr Sunil Vasudev – Clinician, Prof & Head, Dept of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr Deepti Vadavi – Clinician, IRB Coordinator, Reader, Dept of Public Health Dentistry

Dr Sarita Yanduri – Reader, Dept of Oral Pathology

Dr Subhash BV – Reader, Dept of Oral Pathology


A subcommittee was formed which has formulated a Compendium of Bioethical Guidelines and Standard Operating Protocols (SOP) for the Institutional Ethics Committee – Operational guidelines to facilitate the IEC process in a Dental Institution in India