“Well begun is half done”. This quote suits aptly for every person who would want to climb up the ladder of success in their career. Selecting an institute for beginning your career is crucial. My alma mater, RV Dental College has done justice to my ambitions and strengthened my skills. If I have earned a seat in Oral Surgery in a premier institute of country, I can say RV has a part of role in it.  

My teachers were not just my Gurus. They have been there for me during the good and bad times. Exams were easy only due to the immense knowledge and approach to the subject by individual departments.

Timely revisions, tests and vivas were worrisome but bore the fruits of success. I owe my university ranks in various subjects to the efforts of teachers and sacrifices of my parents and sibling.

Infrastructure of preclinical study areas, quality of materials and the standard of study materials referred were apt so that learning became less tedious and put me on par with rest of Dental graduates over the nation.

Not just education, we have inculcated communication skills, patient care and basic manners which has to be practised in daily life. Overall, RV has prepared me to be confident BDS graduate.

Thank You.”

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Dr. Harshitha RJunior Resident- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur

“Would always be grateful to RVDC, best 5 years of my life. Every single moment there was happiness. Gave me great opportunities, taught me to face the world, gave me a prefix to carry for life. Best ever teachers. Have always been fortunate in life from family, friends and the best college life. All my UG days went alright until I had to face few tough moments in life during final year; At the end of final year I decided to be focused. to sit and read for hours together. Nothing seemed more interesting than turning all negativities into efforts. to prove myself I was worth something. All of which gave result on November 20th 2020 with a INICET, Rank 13.

Few things about RV, teachers from the first day put in all their effort to make students life the best, this forms the basis for anything later in academics, great clinical exposure and early involvement in research methodology; The amazing Campus itself gives the irreplaceable vibe which is forever in memory of any RV student. Wishing everyone all the very best.”

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Dr. Preetha AnandJunior Resident- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur

“ The time I spent in RVDC were the best five years of my life. Along with passion and commitment for dentistry it gave me friends for life and moments I will cherish forever. The faculty at RV are not just the best in the field of dentistry but are also the people you look up to. The college helps you grow both professionally and personally and gives you a sense of responsibility to your patients and colleagues. I fell in love with Orthodontics during my formative years there and the college has played a key role in putting me on the path to be an orthodontist. Even for the Army Dental Corps interview I felt confident and at ease all thanks to the strong foundation RV instilled in me. Wherever I go whatever I do I will be an RVian forever.”

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Dr Joseph JoyJunior resident, Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Government Dental college and Hospital, Mumbai AIR 5 Army Dental Corps 2021

“ I am deeply indebted to the principal and all the teaching as well as non-teaching staff of DAPMRV Dental College for facilitating my growth and improvement throughout the duration of my BDS course.

All the faculty members are approachable and student friendly, making learning interesting and fun as both theoretical and practical facets of dentistry are given equal weightage here.

I remain eternally grateful and proud to be an alumnus of this esteemed institution.”

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Capt. Somanna MVDental Officer, Army Dental Corps.

“I kind of casually stumbled upon dentistry and RVDC, and it changed my life. RVDC allowed and encouraged students to pursue interests outside their regular academic studies. It is a very supportive environment. Everything I have today is because of the outstanding education from RVDC, and I’m grateful to the college. In short RVDC is one school that has many paths. It is an environment  which ‘teaches, trains and transforms’.”

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Dr. Ram Mohan Vaderahobli DDS, MS,Asst. Professor, UCSF School of Dentistry   

“During my first clinical work interview in the US, the clinical Directors who evaluated my performance said ‘you must have graduated from an exceptionally good dental school’. It has been many years since then, but every time I received a compliment in my practice, I think about our professors at RVDC. They always inspired us to exceed our expectations and  to strive for perfection. Thanks to the excellent didactic and clinical foundation that we received there and of course their continued support, and encouragement, we have been able to succeed in our endeavours.” read more

Dr. Supriya Kumar DDS, MPHPrivate Practice, San Francisco, USA

The training in RVDC is excellent in terms of its exposure to a wide range of patients, state of the art equipment and highly qualified and dedicated faculty. In addition to learning, patient treatment and patient management skill, R.V. Dental college with community outreach program / dental campus/ national and international projects and collaboration with WHO, UNICEF etc provides extensive experience of interacting with community. This exposure was crucial during my position as former deputy Governor of Vasavi club and responsible for me being honored by Mother Teresa excellence award in 2006. read more

Dr Vijay Babu B.HPrivate practitioner and Dental assistant surgon Government Hospital, Hindupur

This institution provides a value based education that blends theoretical knowledge and clinical skills,and helps one stride confidently through the dynamic scenario of dentistry,like it has helped me. I wanted to be a part of all this and decided to join the faculty here on the day of my graduation. Today I am teaching here and I find the most comfortable working atmosphere along with the tremendous support and encouragement from the principal and colleagues in all my endeavours . read more

Dr. Suma SDept Of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Microbiology ,DAPM RVDC

“When I was considering career options for college, one of our family friends who is a senior dentist in Bangalore, suggested that if I was interested in pursuing dentistry as a profession, then he would strongly suggest DAPM RV Dental College (RVDC).He said that it was an extremely well run college which provided a nurturing environment, excellent facilities with highly qualified faculty who were dedicated to the theoretical, clinical and ethical growth of students. I am extremely happy that I chose to join the RVDC family. I found the work extremely challenging and found strong support and involvement from the faculty and staff in enabling me to achieve my dream of being a dentist. The faculty provided a stimulating environment for both professional and personal growth and were always available to facilitate our day to day progress. It is with their support that I would like to state that I achieved distinction and overall 2nd place in the BDS exams at RVDC and have secured All India 2nd rank in the PG MDS entrance exams for the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.”

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Dr. Arunakshi KrishnanJunior Resident, Division of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Centre for Dental Education and Research, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.