“Well begun is half done”. This quote suits aptly for every person who would want to climb up the ladder of success in their career. Selecting an institute for beginning your career is crucial. My alma mater, RV Dental College has done justice to my ambitions and strengthened my skills. If I have earned a seat in Oral Surgery in a premier institute of country, I can say RV has a part of role in it.  

My teachers were not just my Gurus. They have been there for me during the good and bad times. Exams were easy only due to the immense knowledge and approach to the subject by individual departments.

Timely revisions, tests and vivas were worrisome but bore the fruits of success. I owe my university ranks in various subjects to the efforts of teachers and sacrifices of my parents and sibling.

Infrastructure of preclinical study areas, quality of materials and the standard of study materials referred were apt so that learning became less tedious and put me on par with rest of Dental graduates over the nation.

Not just education, we have inculcated communication skills, patient care and basic manners which has to be practised in daily life. Overall, RV has prepared me to be confident BDS graduate.

Thank You.”