“Would always be grateful to RVDC, best 5 years of my life. Every single moment there was happiness. Gave me great opportunities, taught me to face the world, gave me a prefix to carry for life. Best ever teachers. Have always been fortunate in life from family, friends and the best college life. All my UG days went alright until I had to face few tough moments in life during final year; At the end of final year I decided to be focused. to sit and read for hours together. Nothing seemed more interesting than turning all negativities into efforts. to prove myself I was worth something. All of which gave result on November 20th 2020 with a INICET, Rank 13.

Few things about RV, teachers from the first day put in all their effort to make students life the best, this forms the basis for anything later in academics, great clinical exposure and early involvement in research methodology; The amazing Campus itself gives the irreplaceable vibe which is forever in memory of any RV student. Wishing everyone all the very best.”