From The Principal’s Desk,

At the outset I would like to thank you on behalf of Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust and D A Pandu Memorial R V Dental College & Hospital, for the interest in our institution. Over the last two decades since its inception in 1992, our institute has shown steady progress and is now considered as one of the leading and most sought-after private dental colleges in the country. This is reflected by the NAAC ‘A’ grade accreditation that the college has received, and also by the fact that it is the  college of choice for most highly ranked NEET students. Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust was founded in 1940 and now runs 20 educational institutions catering to a wide range of societal needs in the field of education.

D.A Pandu Memorial R V Dental College & Hospital is one among very few dental colleges in the country that provides almost all of the streams of dental education under one roof. A student of this college has a wide range of opportunities of getting mentored and guided to achieve Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree right to applying research skills for obtaining a Doctorate of Philosophy in Dentistry. The college also offers a range of short term certificate courses in specific aspects of dentistry like aesthetic dentistry and implantology to hone the skills of the students. The consistent academic excellence of the students through the training imparted is reflected every year in the list of University Ranks.

The stronghold of our institution is the highly competent and dedicated teaching faculty who strive hard to implement our vision and mission. Their academic achievements, research accomplishments, and consistent yearning to keep themselves up to date is what makes the journey of learning for the students more fruitful and enjoyable. Combined with an excellent infrastructure provided for not only academic, but for the overall development of students, the college has achieved a position in the country that only a few other colleges have done so far.

It is our constant endeavour to instil in our students the qualities of self- discipline, commitment, and integrity, which will ensure that they will be able to build successful professional lives for themselves. It is important to mould our students into smart, confident, people. But much more important is making them sensitive, caring, and responsible doctors. Towards this goal we have been organising public health awareness and treatment camps, through which we have reached thousands of people across the country. We provide policy training to our students and prepare them to practice dentistry with the knowledge and understanding of many different patient populations, dental specialties, and varied practice settings. This education occurs in an ethical and professional environment in which quality dental care is provided to our patients. Our students are also encouraged to take part in various co-curricular, activities as well as sporting events.

Being located in the heart of the city, we have a large pool of patients who seek care at our hospital. Our institution also has affiliations with a range of hospitals who specialise in cancer care, geriatric care, emergency and critical care, mental health and neurological care, among many others. By posting our students in such institutions we help them augmenting their knowledge and skills.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard, and here’s wishing you an unforgettably enriching experience with us.

Dr Asha R Iyengar